Women are…

Women are… “Women” is usually automatically associated with: mother, nurturing, caring, patient etc. by many people. But I believe the list has extended now when I think of “women” I also think of the words: bold, independent, persevering etc. Women have been becoming more and more evolved as the years go. One of the main reasons […]

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Pride Trap

Pride is felt either through one’s achievements from hard work leading to motivation but can be something felt through praise and popularity getting to their head leading to a feeling of prestige and ego. It is something that stops an individual to develop and mature, but nowadays it is almost a “trap” to fall in […]

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House Hunting

Dim dɪm/ adjective 2. (of a situation) not giving cause for hope or optimism.               “their prospects for the future looked fairly dim” There are times when you find it hard to be optimistic regarding a matter. I am having that situation now, this past month has been very hectic […]

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Are we the reason?

Today my Counselling lecture was about race, culture, sex identity and the vulnerable population. During this lecture the word ‘Society’ came up so often, the fact that this was all almost “generated” by us. As though we all bought this upon ourselves. Does that not mean we are the reason for there being an ‘ethnic minority’ […]

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Do we all wear costumes?

Costume The term ‘Costumes’ is usually used in terms of clothing, accessories etc. worn for plays, theatres, movies etc. But are you sure? Is our school of work uniform also classified as a costume? Okay, so apart from that, are rest of us wearing costumes? Well, I think yes, why? Because I don’t think we […]

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Enroll Enrollment has usually involved the opportunity to something important that is usually beneficial to one. We enroll in school, college, and university which we then dread over for the following years. We enroll in Gym, well that is also the same scenario, except since it’s not compulsory we don’t really attend as much. So, does […]

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See How They Lie: Book Review

Book: See How They Lie Written By: Sue William. Overall thoughts: A subtle book of discovery to sudden exposure to what lies around. Well, let’s just say- “expect the unexpected”; this book has definitely shown this. One thing about this book is that it was all suddenly unravelled only towards the end. I would have enjoyed […]

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