Façade Vs Candid Life…


Recently, we have all been admiring the beauty in Candid Photography. Including myself, the raw feeling it gives; where nothing had been told to the person neither objects being positioned correctly, is so raw. It is the idea that since it was done with one’s instinct and nature it cannot be forged or recreated through one’s instruction.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 16.51.44
Photo credits: @samanmostaan

However, why have we only learned to see the beauty in Candid Photography, why not in people. Why are people still getting judged for being themselves, then pushed to or feel the need to to be, in a certain way to fit the “norm” of the “society”?

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 16.52.49
Photo credits: @societyfeelingsquotes

Is your daily life a candid or almost like a photo shoot, where you are instructed by others, told by others what to wear be expected to give a certain type of expression for it to fit the ‘norm’.

When can humans have a candid daily life, with freedom, no judgment or discrimination?


Use the links below to see more of their amazing and eye-opening work that was featured on this Blog:




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