Do we all wear costumes?


The term ‘Costumes’ is usually used in terms of clothing, accessories etc. worn for plays, theatres, movies etc. But are you sure? Is our school of work uniform also classified as a costume?

Okay, so apart from that, are rest of us wearing costumes?

Well, I think yes, why? Because I don’t think we all dress the way we want to, we follow fashion trends and the ‘right’ way to dress, all just to fit into society. We don’t dress the way we want to or what we prefer as some may find it weird, funny, too much, too less. Something I hear so often is ‘I take ages trying to pick out what to wear in the morning’ which normally is the case for a stylist choosing costumes for a movie, play, theatre. When going to an event we always ask for second opinions from someone, afraid of looking too much or too less.  Does that mean that the someone’s second opinion is a stylist choosing the costume you wear?

When I was younger I used to wear a pottu (பொட்டு or bindi) every day, but everywhere I went people stared and asked questions and my friends at school made fun of me. My sisters told me just not to wear it to avoid the troubles and so I did. But now, I regret it I wish had carried on, so yes I think I am also one who wears a costume every day.

How can we change this? Or is this inevitable?



5 thoughts on “Do we all wear costumes?

  1. I think the change starts with each person, from not caring about appearances and focusing on what lies beneath them. Of course, this is easier said than done. But not impossible.


  2. I think this is the dilemma that people have between their private self and public self. Trying to create a persona that fits every situation takes the courage to just be authentic. People will accept you when the image you present is true.

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